About Me


I’m Katherine mother to 3 children,  two adult girls and one toddler boy. Wife to “The Coffee Guy” My husband and I are both from the Lower East Side in New York City. Born and raised there is where we met and dated each other straight out of HS.

It didn’t take us long to realize we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, both of us worked full-time jobs in Manhattan. My husband started in the coffee industry back in 1989 down on John St., sitting on the Trade desk this young kid listening in on calls and taking notes. I was working for Time Warner Cable Co. in the Residential accounts department. We were young and sure had a lot of growing up to do, but before long came along our eldest child Kaylene, I was just turning 21 and my husband 23 we were living in a railroad townhouse in Bayridge, Brooklyn.  Commuting daily into the city with our baby girl and before long hubby took a job in Long Island, NY. We stood living in Brooklyn, but his commute was rather hectic, two years later Sabrina was born our younger daughter. During this time I was laid off from my job and became a SAHM for a while with two toddlers in the city.

That didn’t last for too long  I did go back to work and the girls were attending school, so I was juggling work and the girls as my husband was still commuting out of the city and traveling for work a lot more . Shortly after he was given an opportunity to move to Houston, skeptical due to the fact we were New Yorker’s for so long and the thought of leaving it behind was frightening. We did it, we knew it would be a better opportunity for the girls and overall ourselves.

The move took a lot of adjusting for me, as everyone else got settled in, I found myself just homesick. It was so hard for me to adjust I could not acclimate to the culture, I know what you are thinking how different could it had been.  But the truth is I didn’t drive, I had no friends I went into a shell and felt completely alone. We moved here September 18, 1999 to date, and I remember how hard it was to smile even when I felt so sad inside social media wasn’t really a big deal back then so there was no outlet. My husband was working a lot more and traveling much often. At times I felt like a married single parent, the girls were still very young when we moved to Houston. It was very hard and exhausting along with a bit of depression, what I started doing was cooking more often.

I started creating more recipes and buying cookbooks, having the influence of a wonderful home cooked meal and the knowledge of a well-balanced diet by both of my parents was very helpful.  My father  dabbled in the culinary department and was the one who prepared our meals growing up, it was not his career but his favorite pastime. My mother was a dietician and that was very helpful. Together they had the perfect balance and this is something I was able to observe and learn from as child.

As time went by and events occurred, I began to adjust and settled lets just say I had to go from “Urban Girl” to “Suburban Girl”  just seeing how happy the girls were was enough motivation for me. They were growing up and excelling, before long my husband and I were looking more like empty nesters and ready to settle for a calmer life. September 15, 2011 which happened to be my “40”th. Bday was the day I went to the Dr. I was seeing a Rheumatologist during that time. I wasn’t feeling well for sometime and figured it was my medicine and maybe needed some new labs. We sat down and as I explained my symptoms and she looked at me with a very weird look ” do you think you are pregnant?”, ” what?, oh god no”, but then I remember I just paused a bit and thought for a second that it wasn’t entirely crazy. She felt I should be sure, so of course I was giving pee, and blood I sat quietly and waited for the nurse to come back in. It felt like I was waiting hours, but I am certain it was a mere 15-20 minutes, and the doors swung open but no nurse it was my Dr. I looked puzzled because the nurse usually just comes in, she sat besides me grabbed my hand and said “Happy Birthday, you are having a baby”, I can’t explain what I felt at that moment because I went numb. All I thought was “OMG” I really can’t remember how I got from the Dr.s  office home that day because I was still in shock, but after it all sank in and we confirmed the pregnancy with the OBGYN we began to embrace this little miracle.

Our little guy due April 17, 2012, came February 17, 2012 exactly 8 weeks early fighting strong and smiling from day one. Tiny little marvel, free spirit, loving song bird he is our reminder that nothing is ever certain and never give up. Seventeen years later two daughter’s and here came our son just when we thought we were done. He has given us a second chance to live without caring what others think, laugh harder even when they are watching and love stronger no matter what. What I have not learned in my 20’s and my 30’s I am learning in my 40’s and I am a better person, mom and wife. I don’t have to be perfect, nor do I have to care who likes me or wants me in their life as long as I am true to myself and live each day as if it were my last than I can say I am living.

This is who I am,

Katherine S. Seda

Thank you for taking the time to read…